Pheromone Test Day 2: Work – Sales Presentation/Job Interview

holy Mones Batman!

Wowzers… Today at 1:30 PM, I took another dose of pheromones before going out. Did pheromones help me get a new client for my web design business, and get a girl to run her hands through her hair from the point I sat down next to her on the train to the point I got…

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Get Her Back

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Fill out the form on the right to get started! Getting your ex back can be simple!

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Yesterday, I opened the mail box, and there…

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 2.03.45 AM

…was my first 6 bottles of the stuff! YAY! It was like Christmas all over again. But WOULD IT WORK!? It was time to test, and now that I have recovered from a night out at the club, here is my first review of the crazy little bottle… I hope you enjoy it ! See…

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Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back


Tips On Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back Some people are afraid to talk about or get help after a breakup. Others simply cannot afford to seek professional advice from a pro. Wherever you may fall on the grid, you must know that there are ways to treat your sadness that comes from losing your ex.…

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Why I changed my name

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get your free ticket here: I look forward to seeing you there! Hi it is Jesse from lost the one. It has been a while since I sent out a broadcast email like this, and if you want to unsubscribe from my newletter, you can do so right here: If you are on my mailing list. then I know one thing for sure.…

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Addiction to your ex

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Yes, a girl is like a drug, and yes, when she dumped you, you lost your fix. Yes, your girl thinks she has moved on. Yes, she does not feel the withdrawals that you do But She WILL... if you use the correct form of no contact. See the post below to understand how no…

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Does No Contact Work? After A Breakup?

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No contact is a load of crap... when I ignored my girl, the only thing that happened was her getting pissed off at me... The only thing I did was make her dislike me more and give her a better reason to stay away from me. No contact after a breakup is simply twisting the…

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Battle for your ex back

Shontelle blows me away again with an amazing song that explains the emotions that YOUR EX IS GOING TO FEEL AFTER YOU LISTEN TO ME. guaranteed? money back. It has worked for 100% of guys that I talk to at least once a week, who do not stray from the plan that I help them…

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His Ex Came Running Back

His Ex Came Running Back. How? Why? Click "read the rest" to watch the video ---->

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The One Question

There is one question that will let you understand her, and what she is thinking. If you constantly use this question, you can avoid making big break up mistakes and greatly increase your chances of getting her back. If you want to understand this question fully, then watch the Members only version. Its FREE, so…

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Coping with emotional ups and downs in a breakup | How to

Coping with emotional ups and downs during a breakup. A lot of guys email me and tell me that they are pretty much over their ex girlfriends and that they are either ready to move on, or its kinda fun an they are not having any trouble using the system that I am recommending for…

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