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  1. Cart

    Great news!

    After following Jesse’s advice,I randomly walked into my Ex and after saying hi she was an emotional time bomb waiting to explode into tears.She was blushing and REALLY nervous,I could almost feel her heart racing from where im standing.Tensed up,her head was just going all over the place racing in different directions not knowing where to look or what to do.
    Amazingly after all the advice it was like a “Confidence” Button I just pushed and off I went looking and feeling like the most confident guy on earth!
    This is hard to do but trust me its all worth it.

  2. Steve

    Jesse has not only given me valuable advice but has become a kind of lifecoach too. Never failed to respond to my many requests and questions. My case is still ongoing but he has filled me with the much need confidence I needed at the time. He comes highly recommended so dont delay in contacting him, it could be the most important decision you make in your life!

  3. Tony

    Jesse was very willing to offer any and all advice he had. He went above and beyond with even having a phone conversation. Right now it is a work in progress. I hope to be able to report back here again in a several weeks with even better news. Thanks-

  4. David

    Jesse is first of all a great guy. You don’t find many people who are willing to give so many free tips and advices to strangers. What Jesse is saying helped me a lot. Not only with how to deal with my ex, but also (and thats also really important) with how to deal with my own emotions. I got my ex back two times after two break ups, but completely the wrong way. Because the third break up is probably definite. I made the wrong moves earlier on because i thought my way, and the other advice on the internet how to get your ex back fast, was working for me. It did worked, but only for a short period of time. And Jesse warned me for this and he was right with everything he said. So please don’t make the same mistakes as i did. Buy the book and if Jesse is able to help you LISTEN TO HIM. I read a lot of books about ‘how to get your ex back’ and after my experiences with several break ups in one relation i really have to say that Jesse’s advise and book is the best thing you can have. Good luck and don’t listen to your feelings how to handle a break up.

  5. Abdullah

    Jesse helped a lot he was there when ever i needed him, he gave me many useful free tip if wasn’t for him i would not reach this level with my ex, i wish him the good luck and thanx for all your help

  6. Tony

    As of yesterday I now have my ex trying to get me back. Jesse knows what he is talking about regardless of how hard it is to believe sometimes. Like everyone else I thought that my situation was different because my girl was unique, independent, stubborn, set in her ways, etc. Emotions are powerful and so is this system. The key to getting through this is acknowledging the feelings ur going through and being able to realize that you are not able to make a reasonable decision when in a state of emotional distress. It will be a roller coaster ride that will involve complete confusion at times. Having Jesse to relate and motivate me to keep to it made the difference. The key is to understand that things can and will work out in time, but in the mean time do your best to make the most of the situation. The times I would get uplifting news and positive result from this system was when I least expected it. It would always be at a point where I was able to get into some other activity and just enjoy the present moment with friends. Take a deep breath, listen to what Jesse has to say, then sleep on it. Once you can think about this stuff in a rational state u realize how much sense it makes. One word to describe this system is patience. It will be ur best friend and ur worst enemy. Regardless, of how patient you are you r going to have to learn to work through this. In the long run, this will not only help you now and in relationships but other aspect of your life as well. Thanks, Jesse

  7. B

    I am not sure where to start, but my ex left me in July. I had never come across Jesse’s website before and yet something inside me told me not to contact my ex at all. About two weeks later a I came across his video on You Tube and bought Jay Cataldo’s book. Jesse and I have been exchanging mails ever since and he has taught me so much. I have learned more about women in the past six months becauseof this break up and Jesse has opened up my eyes to not only handle the break-up correctly and like a man, but has lead me on a path on how to find and keep the women I want in my life.

    I know that a lot of guys won’t understand what I am going on about right now because they are in the middle of a break up, but using Jesse’s material and advise has made me relook at myself and how I can be a better man so that I can be better with women. How better than to do this when you are going through a break up. Things aren’t as bad as you might think. You are in a position to be better than you were before. By taking Jesse’s advise, you will be on such a higher level that you will be able to knock your ex over with a feather the next time you bump into her. She will not know what to do with herself. She will miss you so much that it will eat her up from the inside.

    Since Jesse and I have been talking and I have been adopting his teachings I have had an incredible effect on my ex. She fell into another relationship about a month after the break up, but because I have taken on the right approach she is the one falling apart, missing me and by what a mutual friend keeps telling me heart broken and still in love with me. In the meantime I have been given all the tools to offload all the baggage from the break up a lot quicker than most guys would have done after being dumped. This is due to Jesse and his help.

    My ex is now in a relationship that she doesn’t want to be in. She is cut-up and regretting the decision she made. And not long ago I bumped into her with her new guy and she made an absolute fool of herself – Telling me how much she missed me in front of her boyfriend. It must have been painful for him. But it felt sooo good.

    As tough as that was, I kept my composure. Since then I have moved on. I have been seeing a lot more girls than I ever have, but at the same time I know that I have kept the door open just enough to know that my ex and I have unfinished business and I will be in the position to take her back or reject her. This will depend on the how I feel at that time I guess.

    I have so much to thank Jesse for because I have never been so confident with women after going on this journey. I have a date with a beautiful Italian girl in the next couple of days and I am seeing the most gorgeous Colombian girl on and off for a bit of cheeky fun on the weekends.

    I am living my greatest life. I am not bogged down in a relationship that isn’t working, but rather meeting incredible women who add value to my life. If I do get back with my ex it will be on my own terms and rules. I feel in control of my life because it does not revolve around a woman who made a bad choice.

    Thanks Jesse!

  8. David

    Hi everybody,

    I just wanted to tell my story! I did it! Well it’s better to say WE did it. If i didn’t met Jesse and if he didn’t pushed me trough al his knowledge and information, i would probably be still stuck.

    It was my third break up and things looked pretty bad. He told me to read the book and listen to him. Yes also i had a really hard time to believe in everything, also because it was my third time! But Jesse made a plan for me so that i could stick with that. He was still sure i could get her back.

    I was probably his hardest client, because i didn’t got any connection for over 3 months! When i send her an email after 3,5 months with simple “how are you” everything start rolling again. Jesse kept me advising with “don’t be to excited and don’t f*ck it up by being emotional etc.” that helped!

    Because now she is back on my rules and terms and she wants to be in my life! All the things that Jesse told me how she would feel from the beginning till the end, she told me straight in my face! So everything is just soooo true!

    If you want her back its so important to believe in the book. Yes its super hard and yes somethings look absolutely ridiculous! But i have the proof from her mouth that everything was exactly like that!

    So be patient and ‘no contact’ is soooo good! Because if you stick with it, you will feel much better and it will bring you back in her mind completely! My girl was already dating some other guy! He took her to Italy! But she was crying everyday on the phone with her girlfriend that she missed me! That’s all because of NO CONTACT!!!

    Jesse thank you so much! I wish you all the luck with this job in the future! You are a great guy and coach!

  9. Rob


    This guy really knows what he is talking about. At first I was a skeptic to some of these methods, but the more I let my rational mind take over, the more I realized that this was the only true way to make my girl realize we were meant to be together.

    You just have to trust him and think of the situation from her point of view and not yours.

    It is very simple: the more you follow the steps, the more your girl responds in a way that you want; the more she responds, the more confident you become and this only accelerates her attraction towards you.
    We are now back together and she is slowly starting to give me those Iā€™m so in love with you signs that used to be the norm of our relationship. Nothing, and I mean nothing, feels as good as this.

    Thanks for all your help Jesse!

  10. Byron

    Hey guys

    My ex and i broke up 3 and a 1/2 months ago due to my insecurities and ever since then haven’t heard from her since. I’ve been so depressed about this because this was our THIRD break up and i thought it was over for good. I decided to buy and try out Jay Cataldo’s book and took him and Jesse’s advice about women and ex girlfriends. Everything the book said was hard for me to accept at first but decided to give it a shot due to the fact that this was REALLY different than the other “get your girl back” programs out there. As soon as i read the book, my view towards women have changed. I know how to handle situations quickly, learned to be an alpha male, and most importantly, learned how to handle my own emotions. Following Jesse and Jay’s advice really worked and everything they say about women is TRUE!

    A few nights ago, i decided to go to one of my best friend’s parties and i KNEW my ex was going to be there but i decided why the hell not? I’ve isolated myself from my OWN crew because she hangs out with the same group of friends i do and she is best friends with my best friend’s girlfriend. So i told myself, f**k it. I’m gonna go there and have a good ol time and have fun. As soon as i got there, i said hi to everyone and as soon as she saw me, she RAN, again im gonna say it, SHE RAN upstairs with her friends without even saying hi to me or making eye contact to me due to the fact that i turned on my confidence button that night šŸ™‚ Even though Jesse says to NEVER go to a party that you know your ex is going to be at, i decided what the hell there my friends too and no more isolation for me anymore. That whole night at the party, she pretty much avoided me like the plague and whats sad is that i had a close friend come up to me and tell me that a few weeks before that party, she was all over some other guy in her birthday party. That just made me laugh and i continued to have fun the whole night. Towards the end of the night i went outside with my friend to have a catching up talk with him and while i was outside, she left without saying good bye.

    After reading this book, this whole book changed my life and it can change YOUR life too šŸ™‚ its all about confidence and being emotionally strong!

  11. larry sanders

    their are many system out their,but to tell the truth this system is very comprehensive. every man should read this way before they are broken up. it is like having a tool, you might not need it, but when the time comes you will be glad you have it. this is a proven method, it took me 30 days to get her back, remember what jesse said no contact, follow the program, do not change, cause if you do it will take longer or you might ruin your chance. every one breaks up, everyone. it is best to prepare in advance, good luck guys. hope you heed the advice.

  12. Justin

    This worked for me! I have nothing to gain by writing this, but I will say that when my girl friend left me, I thought the world was ending. I had to be a man, swallow my pride, and be open to learning. Follow the steps, be dedicated, and most importantly keep your mouth shut. Let me put it to you this way… Have you ever been on the other side of the break up? Did anything she or he tell you make a difference? Think about this, not only did this help me get my girl back, but it gave me confidence and turned me into a better man! Thanks again and best of luck to everyone, I know first hand how much the process sucks, but the rewards are amazing!

  13. James

    Hi guys, wow, I can’t believe the power of this method. Shut down the town is hard to do, but I did it and followed Jesse’s advice and got my princess back! She left me some 4 months ago, I tried the usual things which we all think is the right thing, but turns out to be the worst thing. I had nothing to lose, she had gone…. First I mailed Jesse, he said to read the book, so I did. Shut down the town, off Facebook, disappeared into the wilderness as far as she was concerned. I had a phone conversation too with him and followed every bit of his advice. Within 6 weeks, she started contact, this is the hard bit, they try every trick to get you to speak, but I didn’t crack. Then she admitted she was missing me, we got back together and sorted our issues out and everything is great again, I can’t believe how powerful that method is.mit goes against your instinct, but works! I’ve learnt a lot and am confident no girl will leave me again now šŸ™‚ cheers Jesse!


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