Your goal: Make this song your girl’s song about YOU. It is all about her need for you.

Mindset tip: Just like Shontelle in this video, believe that your ex is thinking: “Nothin’ feels right when I’m not with you,” “I miss you,” and “Now I don’t know if I’m ever gonna let you go.” It is vital that you see yourself as the stronger one. Even if it is not true yet, imagine your ex singing this song.
Make her actually feel like this with The 5 vital steps below.

The single most important part of getting your girl back is the ability to achieve these massively important steps.

At first glance they seem simple, but these steps are bigger than they seem, and if you look hard enough, I am giving you massive secrets to getting her back.

Before you read the steps. YOU MUST understand that they all have one thing in common: None of them should be done by use of persuasion or logical techniques that guys like to use so much. This is an emotional situation. And you must not try to do it you own way. Listen to experienced people, who can give you the best chance.

1. Make her uncertain about her decision to break up with you.
2. Make her WONDER what YOU are thinking.
3. Get her to contact you about her fears or worries.
4. Make her realize her mistake (breaking up with you) and see how you are meant for each other.
5. Have her ASK YOU to get back together

Remember, these steps are NOT achieved by persuasion, NOT by logic, and NOT by showing her how much you care.

I know what you are thinking:

“She already made her decision to break up (maybe moved on), and she never second guesses herself. She is real stubborn, and I doubt I could get her to EVER do ANY of these steps”

But the can almost always be achieved if you had a long term relationship, and are not impossible with a short term relationship either. But HOW?

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