There are many reasons for a breakup. But the deep down and hidden reason is almost ALWAYS a loss of attraction. Even if you did something really wrong like hot her. It is very possible that she  WANTED a reason to break up, deep inside her thoughts, so she made you more angry than you have ever been before.

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I do not condone violence and think you should make sure that you never make such a mistake, I’m only talking about HER psychology right now.

Your girl broke up with you, and she said: “You get too angry to easy, and you scare me,” or she says she is breaking up because “you are not committed enough.”

Well my girlfriend said I get too angry too much. Also she had been saying she wanted to marry me for a full year.

She asked me one last time if I would marry her. I said I wasn’t ready and she broke up with me.

One week later I called her and said let’s get married… And that was a big mistake. She said she didn’t want to see me anymore… It was not the MAIN reason… She met a different guy… She left me because she didn’t want to cheat on me.

For about two months before we broke up she started doing things I dislike more and more.

She was not doing it “on purpose”.

But she was “looking” for problems with our relationship… And that way of thinking makes people CREATE problems without even wanting to.

Whatever you do… Do not ask your girl about anything I tell you. This is deep down in the dark areas of her mind and she will get probably get really angry… Because you are calling her a liar, and even she believes her own lie. In her own mind, she has made it a valid reason for the brake up. It will not be helpful to you.

To be honest, you should not have contact with her EVEN if she calls you.

You need to make sure you have the right plan before you make a mistake.

I am willing to answer your questions as they come… But I’m not the biggest pro in this arena… I can give you sone good advice. I have a pretty good understanding of all the psychological reasons people break up AND get back together. But I’m not that great at expliaining and sometimes I forget to mention important steps.

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