April 25, 2010

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      You can see it in movies, famous songs, and sayings. If you keep a bird in a cage, the only thing it can think about is freedom. But if you are really good to the bird, and you set it free when it wants. It will remember all the good things about you an fly back.

      Once you don’t need her anymore, the chance of her coming back multiplies. 

      It is too bad that you only get what you want when you don’t want it anymore, but for some reason that’s the way life is.

      When you let something go, then you get to keep it.

      Money, life, girls, religion, they all follow this law.

      Give and recieve, set free and get back, forgive and be forgiven. 

      This is how miracles happen

      This is the simple version. With PEOPLE, it is more complicated, and to get a full understanding of he correct way to set a woman free, you must have a complete solution.

      For the most complete solution:Click Here! (the free mini series is free, and this is an affliate link. If you decide to make a purchase, I will make a commission.) I purchased the full course, and it is the main reason I got my girl back. I believe you have a great chance to get your girl back too.


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